6 advantages of using short urls

Sometimes we found that an url we want to share is too long. Luckily, we have tools as the url shorteners for those times. Url shorteners will let us to get shorter urls, as its name says, but we are getting some advantages also.

Six of these advantages are:

1. Less characters for the url.

Using a short url we get more characters for the content, wich is very helpful for example if we are tweetting.

2. Track the clicks.

Most of tools allow to track the clicks and other analytics, so we can measure its effectiveness.

3. Information about who clicks on the link

Some url shorteners offers not only analytics about but info about the person as its gender, position, language… very interesting information to know our audience.

4. Customization

Some shorteners allow to customize a part of the url, so we can give a clue about the content.

5. Use our own url

It´s possible to create shorts url using our domain. This can be quite useful to spread our brand, a project…

6. Our own url shortener

We can create our own shortener using a free script or developing it. The main advantage of this option is that we can adapt it completely to our needs.

7. Can you tell any other advantage I´ve missed?

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05. February 2013 by Antonio
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